Announcement from the Breed Health Coordinator

A DNA Test for Shaking Puppy Spongiform LeucoEncephaloMyelopathy (SLEM) in Border Terriers

From Monday October 9th 2017 DNA testing is available from the University of Missouri ( and the Animal Health Trust (

Testing through a partnership with OFA ( , click the “ORDER DNA TESTS” link in left sidebar) should be available after mid-October. Orders placed through OFA use a cheek swab & barcoded card to collect DNA, and testing is done by U of Missouri. The OFA staff will send a kit and complete instructions for all orders.   Click on the links to the websites for further details.


The Kennel Club is becoming increasingly concerned at the amount of electrical equipment being used by exhibitors at shows, including hair dryers and hair straighteners and other grooming devices.

Electrical equipment should not be brought to shows unless absolutely necessary. In rare instances where it might be required, it should be PAT tested and permission sought from the secretary of the show before it is used.

The Kennel Club has also been informed of recent instances of exhibitors commandeering certain areas of a venue in order to have access to powerpoints so as to use electrical grooming equipment. This is totally unacceptable and particularly unfair on the breeds whose allocated areas have been cramped because of this selfish behaviour.

A Kennel Club spokesperson said: “The number of exhibitors using electrical equipment at shows appears to be on the increase, which is of concern to both show societies and the Kennel Club. We have even heard of instances of dogs being brought along to shows sopping-wet, which is totally unnecessary as most grooming should be done at home, with the dog merely requiring a quick ‘brush up’ before it goes in the ring. These are conformation dog shows and not grooming competitions, after all.”



8th June 2017

Kennel Club Announces Changes To The Way Judges Are Educated, Approved And Listed

26 April 2017    12:00

Judging procedures. Photo credit: Heidi Hudson/Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is announcing a new system for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups, and Best in Show.

The Judges Competency Framework will be launched in January 2019, run alongside the current system for a three-year transition period, and be fully operational from January 2022. This education will involve mentoring and ringside observation by breed experts and be supported by a network of Breed Education Coordinators who will help facilitate learning.

For further information click on the link below

Kennel Club Announcement – 30/11/2016

Find shows and events in Agility, Canicross, Dog Showing and more…

As a Kennel Club Registered or Listed Status Club we wanted you to be the first to know about the new online service, Kennel Club Find A Dog Show. You can now search for shows, events and competitions across the UK across all the below activities:
Bloodhound Trials
Companion Dog Shows
Dog Showing
Heelwork to Music
Working Trials
This should make canine activities more accessible to those who already take part in them, and more readily available for those who wish to take up new activities with their dog. We encourage you to please share this service with all of your members.

Finally, as a dog club we are fully aware that often you organise events yourselves. We hope that this service will enable you to find suitable dates and locations to avoid clashing or intervening with any other events, to save you both time and effort when managing events.