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NBTC 75th Anniversary

This year NBTC in December becomes 75 years old.

Due to the current situation, to celebrate this milestone, is proving to be difficult.

We want to be able to hold shows again and we want to celebrate this Beautiful Breed that we all have in common.

We would like to share this celebration with members of the club and other Border Terrier owners when we are able to.

Further Announcements will be made during the year which hopefully will allow us to have a Celebration.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hon Sec

Christine Horner

NBTC Important Show News

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 the committee have taken the decision to cancel the April 2021 Open show.

Border Terrier 2020 – Important update 21/12/2020

Please find below the latest update relating to Border Terrier 2020 from the organising committee.


New dates – April 29 to May 2, 2022

The Committee of Border Terriers 2020 regrets to have to announce the postponement of its event by a further year until May 2022. This decision has been unanimously arrived at because of the current uncertainties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new date will be April 29 to May 2, 2022. It has already been established that the venue at the Border Union Showground at Kelso is available and that the scheduled championship show judge Elspeth Jackson has agreed to officiate on the revised date. The date currently appears to be free of other conflicting activities, but final ratification of the changed date will still have to be obtained from the Kennel Club.

The Committee recognises that delaying what were originally meant to be Centenary celebrations by yet another year, does seem odd but the reasons for coming to that conclusion are as follows:

  • The latest Covid-19 developments and the vaccination programmes in the UK don’t look as though they’re going to create a situation which will be able for sure, to be called anything like ‘normal’ in the first half of 2021.
  • The situation in many overseas countries and for international travel looks just as unfavourable.
  • There is a great likelihood of people having to continue to wear masks and observe some social distancing rules throughout most of 2021.
  • Though it would probably be possible to run an ordinary outdoor show at Kelso on the previously arranged May 2021 date, the Committee feels that that is not really good enough because so many other aspects of the event have been planned.
  • The Committee has from the start intended to make this occasion something very special, and with a real international flavour. It has come to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely that people will be moving around the world as normal by May of 2021.
  • Brexit too is currently making people nervous about moving dogs in and out of the UK until the rules are finally sorted out.
  • The option of simply moving to later in 2021 was considered but trying to get sensible dates for that with the now crowded UK show calendar, and with some clubs running more than one championship show next year, is likely to make finding dates extremely difficult.

For all of those reasons the Committee has agreed to abandon the idea of holding what might well end up as a sub-optimal event in May 2021, in favour of delaying the whole event by a further year to 2022 and making it the very special occasion that has been planned right from the start. The event is meant, after all, to be a celebration of the breed, so it does not really matter that it is delayed further from 2021 to 2022.

Euan Castel Secretary of the event said: “It is recognised that lots of people do want to get going again with shows, and of course that made going ahead in 2021 quite tempting for us. However, the Committee doesn’t think that doing so would be sensible for our particular event. It was always meant to be a very special occasion.

“Please take a note of the new dates – 29th April to 2nd May 2022 – when hopefully we will all be able to meet socially in a normal and enjoyable way in what we all hope will be a unique festival celebrating the Border Terrier in all of its various aspects.”

Further details will be updated in due course.

NBTC Important Show News

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 and the rescheduling of general Championship shows the committee have taken the decision to move the date of the Championship show to the 31st of October 2020. In addition the Open show scheduled for the 28th of November 2020 is now cancelled to safeguard the Championship show. As ever we hope that you will be able to support our show on the newly rearranged date.

NBTC AGM 11th April 2020

Notice and agenda of the NBTC 2020 AGM

SATURDAY 11th April 2020



Only fully paid up members are eligible to make nominations, vote or take part in any discussions. Subscriptions should reach the Secretary by the end of February while all nominations should reach the Secretary by Saturday 21st March 2020

Any proxy votes should reach the Secretary no later than 48 hours before the meeting.


1/ Apologies for absence, also the appointing of proxy votes.

2/ Minutes from the previous meeting (minutes attached).

3/ Matters arising from the minutes.

4/ Any urgent correspondence, appertaining to the meeting.

5/ President’s report (included in the Newsletter)

6/ Chairman’s report (included in the Newsletter)

7/ Secretary’s report (included in the Newsletter)

8/ Treasurer’s report (included in the Newsletter) Balance sheets

9/ Appointment of tellers

10/ Election of Officers (*President, *Vice Presidents, *Chair, *Vice Chair, *Hon Secretary, *Hon Treasurer & *Auditor) All have shown their willingness to stand for re election.

11/ Election of Committee. (Committee to retire in rotation, any marked with *have expressed their willingness to stand).

2020 2021 2022

*Mrs M Armstrong Mr AG Horner Miss C Tutin

*Mrs A Maltby Mrs L Inness Mr G Pickering

*Mr G Richardson Mrs N Anderson Mrs J Alexander

*Mr B Inness Mr S Cranson Mr C Dixon

*Mr G Pickering Mr J Graham Miss A Dixon

*Mr M Atkinson Mrs V Atkinson Mr G Birrell

Those marked * retire by rotation in 2020 and are eligible for re-election.


Ballot for the Championship Show Judge 2023

All nominations for judges, which must be seconded, to be received in writing and with the Secretary by 21st March 2020

The nominee is to be consulted beforehand and must have shown their willingness to stand.

14/ Awarding of Presidents Prizes

15/ Announcement of the Open Show Judges for 2021

16/ Honorarium

17/ Any other business appertaining to the Annual General Meeting at the discretion of the Chair, and to include any proposals for Donations.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Horner

Honorary Secretary

NBTC April 2020 Open Show

The schedule is now available for the Open Show to be held on the 11th April 2020 by clicking on the following link.

NBTC April 2020 Schedule

(Clicking the link will take you outside of the NBTC website)

Border Terrier 2020 – Team Competition


As part of its fun activities Border Terriers 2020 intends to organise an informal team competition on the second day of the event – Sunday May 3rd.

The competition will be run on a points basis, and there will be two judges.

To compete, each team will need to contain one of each of the following:

  • Puppy Dog aged 6 – 12 months
  • Adult Dog aged over 12 months
  • Champion Dog
  • Puppy Bitch aged 6 – 12 months
  • Adult bitch aged over 12 months
  • Champion Bitch

The dogs need not be related and anyone who wants to enter can put together their own team of dogs and handlers. They will be asked to give their team a suitable name for the occasion.

There is no fee for entry, but the maximum number of teams will be twelve and team entries will be accepted on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Potential Team Leaders are asked to contact Ronnie Irving as soon as possible at:


Border Terrier Breed Health Group Minutes

Please find below the latest minutes from the breed health group meeting held on the 8th of December 2019

Breed Health Group Minutes – 8th Dec 2019

The Kennel Club – ‘Voice of Dogs’ manifesto


The nine-point plan outlines recommended government measures across all aspects of dog welfare

Ahead of the General Election on December 12th, the new Kennel Club manifesto, ‘A Voice for Dogs’, calls upon the incoming government to reshape the laws surrounding dog welfare and provide stronger support to their owners. The wide-ranging nine-point plan highlights the key issues facing dogs and their owners, and details the legislative changes and measures which need to be taken to deliver far greater protection for dogs across the UK.

The manifesto refers to the commitments made by the previous government, following ongoing campaigning by the Kennel Club against the barbaric use of electric shock collars. After widespread cross-party support and a public consultation, the previous government announced its intention to ban these devices. However, as a result of a High Court legal challenge which was recently dismissed, this legislation was unable to be introduced before the early dissolution of parliament. With the next government equipped to introduce the ban, the Kennel Club want to see this implemented without any further delay.

The manifesto also places an emphasis on encouraging responsible dog breeding. The Kennel Club welcomed the partial integration of their Assured Breeder Scheme into 2018 breeding regulations which rewards responsible breeders, but is urging the government to simplify them further. Currently many trustworthy, low-volume home breeders are being deterred from breeding altogether, leaving a void in the market which is likely to be exploited by puppy farmers. The Kennel Club therefore recommends removing the burdensome ‘business test’ for breeders who breed one or two litters a year as well as simplifying the steps that breeders of three or four litters need to take in order to get a licence.

Empowering owners and their ability to exercise their dogs safely and responsibly is also addressed in the manifesto. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 specifies a legal requirement for those responsible for dogs to provide them with suitable exercise, however since the introduction of Public Spaces Protection Orders under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, dog walkers are increasingly being left without accessible or practical spaces to walk their dogs. Therefore, the Kennel Club is calling on the government to require local authorities to ensure dog walkers have access to suitable land to exercise their dogs as well as to amend the act to allow owners to challenge the validity of restrictive Public Spaces Protection Orders.

Holly Conway, Head of Public Affairs, said: “Our manifesto highlights the strides that the Kennel Club has made so far in giving a voice to dogs, but most importantly all that still needs to be achieved.

“Prior to the election being called, we welcomed firm commitments concerning shock collars and animal cruelty sentences, and it has been incredibly disappointing that these have been halted. We look forward to working with an incoming government to ensure these previous obligations are prioritised and that further measures are put in place to protect the welfare of dogs.”

The Kennel Club’s manifesto proposes the following measures needed to address the key issues facing dogs and their owners:

  • Simplify breeding regulations, and incentivise low volume domestic breeders
  • Review microchipping regulations
  • Revise the current PSPO system regarding dog walking to ensure the provision of accessible and practical space
  • Ban the use of remote control electric shock collars
  • Increase maximum sentences for cruelty against dogs
  • Implement more considered solutions to livestock worrying
  • Review, consolidate and, where necessary, replace existing ‘dangerous dogs’ legislation
  • Review the licensing system for domestic firework use
  • Collaborate with the European Union to improve pet travel rules

The Kennel Club manifesto can be found by visiting www.thekennelclub.org.uk/a-voice-for-dogs/ and more information about how the Kennel Club acts as a voice for dogs is available on the organisation’s website: https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/kennel-club-campaigns/

Show details for 2020

 Please find below two downloadable lists detailing the dates, locations and judges for the shows through 2020.

Championship Shows 2020 All Border Terrier Breed Clubs and Joint Shows 2020

Northern Border Terrier Club

Breed Seminar 24th November 2019

Breed Specific Seminar & “Hands On” Assessment Exam(For those judges intending taking the A2 route)
Breed Appreciation Day & Multi Choice Exam (For those judges intending taking JCF LEVEL 2)

To be held at:

Bowburn Community Association
Co Durham

To book please see the attached form;

NBTC Breed Seminar Booking Form and Timetable 24.11.2019


To book a place on the Breed Specific Seminar & “Hands-On” Assessment Exam includes Breed Talk & Lunch – £20

To book a place on the Breed Appreciation Day & Multi Choice Exam includes Breed Talk & Lunch (to take the exam, Candidate must have completed all requirements for JCF LEVEL 1) – £20

To book a place at the Breed Talks morning session only (includes light refreshments) – £10

Points of a Dog Seminar                                                           

Kennel Club Assessor Mrs Christina Chapman

To be held in conjunction with the Northern Border Terrier Club Championship show 13thJuly 2019

To be held at:

Bowburn Community Association
Co Durham

Costs: £15 Cheques made payable to The Northern Border Terrier Club

Limited number of spaces
Refreshments will be available at our show

To confirm your place please complete the form below and return to Mrs Christine Horner

Points of a Dog Seminar 2019

Kennel Club issues guidance on General Data Protection Regulation

The Kennel Club has issued guidance to registered societies on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into force throughout the EU on 25th May 2018. The EU’s objective is to harmonise data protection laws and allow for free movement of data within the EU.

The GDPR, which represents the first major overhaul of data processing law in 20 years, will have what is known as ‘direct effect’ and immediately replace data protection legislation in the UK. However, the UK is currently preparing its own draft Data Protection Bill; both to allow for permitted variations from the GDPR and so that the provisions of the GDPR will remain as part of UK law after Brexit.

To keep things in perspective, the central principles for data processing will not change. These principles are:

  • Lawful, fair and transparent processing
  • Specific and legitimate purpose
  • Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary (no more than is needed/not ‘just in case’)
  • Accurate and up to date
  • Retained only for as long as is necessary
  • Data security
  • Accountability – meaning that it is not just important to comply but to be able to demonstrate/to be seen to be compliant.

There is an expansion in the scope of individual rights which will be protected by ‘privacy by default’ and ‘privacy by design’ – with privacy first and foremost rather than as an afterthought.  From a marketing perspective, the major shift is that it will no longer be possible to rely on assumed or passive consent for marketing – it will need to be active and specific.

It is important for clubs and societies to be aware of the way in which data must be handled in line with the requirements under the GDPR. Whilst it may seem complex, there are some relatively straightforward immediate steps which will help clubs to get in shape for GDPR.

The Information Commissioner has given some reassurance that it intends to implement the law with a sense of proportion and perspective, as it does now. It will educate and advise a ‘carrot not stick’ approach. Even so, a society’s reputation and building trust with members, judges and exhibitor/competitors is important.

A measured approach should mean that this does not have to be an onerous task for most clubs and societies.

The Kennel Club will shortly issue some guidance to help steer clubs and societies through a ‘GDPR readiness’ plan which will provide an overview of the GDPR and some templates so that societies can conduct a data audit, in order to document what data is actually being processed.

The guidance will ask the ‘five Ws’ – WHOSE data, WHAT data, WHY the data is being used, WHEN is it processed and WHERE is it stored? From this a privacy notice can be compiled, which will spell out the lawful basis for processing of data – and which is a requirement under the GDPR.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We hope the guidance will help demystify what is needed to be ready for the GDPR. The Kennel Club will provide further guidance individually as appropriate – and we urge direct consultation with the Information Commissioner as a free and reliable resource.”

The Kennel Club’s current GDPR advice is available at www.thekennelclub.org.uk/media/1159182/clubs-and-societies-gdpr.pdf.

Announcement from the Breed Health Coordinator

A DNA Test for Shaking Puppy Spongiform LeucoEncephaloMyelopathy (SLEM) in Border Terriers

From Monday October 9th 2017 DNA testing is available from the University of Missouri (http://www.caninegeneticdiseases.net/ and the Animal Health Trust (http://www.ahtdnatesting.co.uk).

Testing through a partnership with OFA (www.OFA.org , click the “ORDER DNA TESTS” link in left sidebar) should be available after mid-October. Orders placed through OFA use a cheek swab & barcoded card to collect DNA, and testing is done by U of Missouri. The OFA staff will send a kit and complete instructions for all orders.   Click on the links to the websites for further details.


The Kennel Club is becoming increasingly concerned at the amount of electrical equipment being used by exhibitors at shows, including hair dryers and hair straighteners and other grooming devices.

Electrical equipment should not be brought to shows unless absolutely necessary. In rare instances where it might be required, it should be PAT tested and permission sought from the secretary of the show before it is used.

The Kennel Club has also been informed of recent instances of exhibitors commandeering certain areas of a venue in order to have access to powerpoints so as to use electrical grooming equipment. This is totally unacceptable and particularly unfair on the breeds whose allocated areas have been cramped because of this selfish behaviour.

A Kennel Club spokesperson said: “The number of exhibitors using electrical equipment at shows appears to be on the increase, which is of concern to both show societies and the Kennel Club. We have even heard of instances of dogs being brought along to shows sopping-wet, which is totally unnecessary as most grooming should be done at home, with the dog merely requiring a quick ‘brush up’ before it goes in the ring. These are conformation dog shows and not grooming competitions, after all.”



8th June 2017

Kennel Club Announces Changes To The Way Judges Are Educated, Approved And Listed

26 April 2017    12:00

Judging procedures. Photo credit: Heidi Hudson/Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is announcing a new system for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups, and Best in Show.

The Judges Competency Framework will be launched in January 2019, run alongside the current system for a three-year transition period, and be fully operational from January 2022. This education will involve mentoring and ringside observation by breed experts and be supported by a network of Breed Education Coordinators who will help facilitate learning.

For further information click on the link below

Kennel Club Announcement – 30/11/2016

Find shows and events in Agility, Canicross, Dog Showing and more…

As a Kennel Club Registered or Listed Status Club we wanted you to be the first to know about the new online service, Kennel Club Find A Dog Show. You can now search for shows, events and competitions across the UK across all the below activities:
Bloodhound Trials
Companion Dog Shows
Dog Showing
Heelwork to Music
Working Trials
This should make canine activities more accessible to those who already take part in them, and more readily available for those who wish to take up new activities with their dog. We encourage you to please share this service with all of your members.

Finally, as a dog club we are fully aware that often you organise events yourselves. We hope that this service will enable you to find suitable dates and locations to avoid clashing or intervening with any other events, to save you both time and effort when managing events.

Visit http://www.findadogshow.org.uk