The Northern Border Terrier Club Open Show

13th April 2019

Judge: Anna Duxbury (Ridgebow)

Best In Show: Howthwaite Gold Dust
Reserve Best In Show: CH Karison Kosta
Best Opposite Sex: CH Karison Kosta
Best Dog: CH Karison Kosta
Reserve Best Dog: Bordurrock Rainbow Rising
Best Puppy – Dog: Cashelrock Black Bush
Best Bitch: Howthwaite Gold Dust
Reserve Best Bitch: Irton Sovay
Best Puppy – Bitch: Ragatam Essence
Best Puppy: Ragatam Essence
Reserve Best Puppy: Cashelrock Black Bush
Best Veteran: Irton Morse Code JW

I would very much like to thank the officers and committee for offering me my first club show in this lovely light, large hall. The hospitality was wonderful! Thanks also to the efficient ring stewards and most of all to all the exhibitors for their wonderful entry and allowing me the privilege of going over their dogs. Sincere thanks for the sporting manner in which my decisions were accepted. Temperaments on the day were excellent, coats were very varied – some good dogs were penalised for not having double coat. No mouths were under-shot and all male dogs were entire

Minor Puppy – Dog
Entries: 5 Absentees: 1
1st – Blaisdon One Step Beyond To Fevstone (Mrs D Bullen) 7 month old grizzle dog with super head with good reach of neck leading to well angulated front. Good straight front legs with good tight neat feet. Good topline and tail-set with thick carroty tail. Excellent coat and pelt on this youngster. Easily spannable. Moved well if slightly wayward in front.
2nd – Chorbeck Strike a Pose (Mrs H Haughton) 6 month old red grizzle dog at his first show. Smaller frame than 1, with good head and expression. Good straight front legs onto neat feet. Good underline. Very good coat and lots of loose pelt. Easily spannable. Slightly less bend of stifle than 1, and didn’t move quite as well as the winner but lots to like in this happy little showman.
3rd – Northborders Footman (Miss J North)
Res – Thornheswin Ring Of Fire (Mr JC Dixon)

Puppy – Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 0
1st –Cashelrock Black Bush (Mr & Mrs KH Moore) 10 month old grizzle dog, with excellent head and strong muzzle. Super coat and pelt. Level topline and good tail-set. Nice straight front legs onto neat feet. Good rear angulation, not overdone. Moved best in this class. Very nicely turned out as always from this kennel and handled well. Just preferred movement of Bitch pup in the challenge. RBPIS
2nd – Chorbeck Move To The Music (Mrs H Haughton) 6m old litter brother to 2nd in MPD with good head and again straight front legs onto good neat feet. Nice length of rib, good angulation and nice thick tail well set on. Very good pelt as usual from this kennel, but not much topcoat on this youngster today. Moved better than 3.
3rd Weststar Lone Ranger (C Swain) Res. Mostly Pip (T McCabe)
Res – Mostly Pip (Mr T McCabe)

Junior – Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 2
1st- Cedarhill Dish of The Day for Dexlin (Mr B & Mrs LP Inness) 13 month old grizzle dog, narrow all through. Good head with keen expression and good dentition. Very good coat and thick pelt. Straight forelegs onto neat feet. Well laid on shoulders with good length of rib to well angulated rear. Topline did slope off slightly, giving lower tailset. Moved well. Active little dog, full of mischief, well handled.
2nd – Otterwood Titan (Mr P Armstrong) 15 month old light grizzle dog, with good head and expression. Nice outline, excellent length of rib. In good muscular condition, straight forelegs and well angulated rear. Good topline and tailset but not in a good coat today. Moved strongly around the ring with good drive.

Maiden – Dog
Entries: 0 Absentees: 0

Novice – Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st – Northborders Footman (Miss J North) 7 and a half month old grizzle puppy. Was 3rd in MPD. Well constructed with good head and expression. Nice reach of neck to level topline and good tailset. Easily spannable. Moved and handled well but not enough topcoat today which cost him in the earlier class.
2nd – Lockhaugh Axis ( Mr P Bates) Red grizzle dog with a good head and strong muzzle, nice straight front legs onto good feet. Slightly rounder in rib than preferable. Good topline and tailset, slightly straight in stifle and tail a little thin. Good coat and pelt.
3rd – Thornheswin New Beginning ( (C Boyd)

Post Graduate – Dog
Entries: 6 Absentees: 3
1st – Bordurrock Rainbow Rising (Mr DR & Mrs EJ Gillies) Excelled in head and expression, with good dentition. Nice reach of neck with good angulation and well laid back ribs. Really good pelt with thick red double jacket that hid his good construction. Could have been tidied to advantage. Moved well with drive, only beaten by a good champion in the challenge, liked him a lot.
2nd – Thornheswin Red Ruffian (Mr JC Dixon) Lively red grizzle dog, with lovely head and expression. Good strong muzzle and dentition. Good straight front legs, well laid back ribs, slightly lower tailset and straighter stifle than 1. Good coat and pelt and nice thick tail. Also moved well, just preferred construction of 1.
3rd – Otterpaws Mountain High ( Mr G & Mrs N Birrell)

Limit – Dog
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st – Lynsett Lewis (Mr P Armstrong) Very smart blue and tan dog. Lovely head with kind eye and strong muzzle. Straight forelegs onto neat tight feet. In good double coat with thick pelt, and great underline. Good angulation front and rear and moved well but does have slightly sloping topline when stacked. Good thick tail. Handled well.
2nd – Otterpaws Muninn (Mr G & Mrs N Birrell) Rangier type than 1, attractive head and short strong muzzle. Good topline, harsh coat and thick pelt. Slightly wider in front than 1 and not as positive on the move today.
3rd – Tyneaster Dark Agent ( Mrs S Gill)

Open – Dog
Entries: 9 Absentees: 3
1st CH Karison Kosta (Miss K Johnson) Attractive grizzle dog, fit and well muscled but still spannable. Super ottery head with a keen expression. Large teeth. Good layback of shoulder with straight forelegs and neat well padded feet. Good length of rib into strong short loin leading to well angled rear with well-let down hocks. Excellent pelt and coarse thick jacket. Moved soundly and with drive, the best mover in this class. Pleased to award him Best Dog.
2nd – Raleniro Second Time Around ShCM (Mr &Mrs MJ Lorraine & Miss P Thomas) Smaller framed than 1, good head, narrow all through with good angulation, lovely coat and pelt and moved well. Easily spanned. However in the challenge seemed to go slightly lame on left fore which cost him higher honours.
3rd – Thorneyburn Peace Pipe At Wreighaugh (Mr M & Mrs AJ Carr)
Res – Cedarhill Ghost Writer (M. Fleming)
VHC – Tojamatt Rhythm N’Blues at Readwulf (Mr M & Mrs VL Atkinson)

Minor Puppy – Bitch
Entries: 5 Absentees: 1
1 1st –Carrock Curiosity (Mrs J Fawcett) 7 and a half month old grizzle bitch. Good head, nice ears. Nice length of neck with lovely topline and good coat with thick pelt. Good front angulation and well laid back ribs, easily spannable. Good tail well set on. Would like slightly more stifle angulation, however she moved well, the best in this class.
2nd – Stineval Grace Star (Mr AG & Mrs C Horner) Almost 7 month old grizzle bitch. Keen expression and good teeth. Nice size and outline, lovely coat and thick pelt. Nice thick tail, well set on. Good rear angulation, not as positive coming and going as 1.
3rd – Brankell Countdown (M Fleming) Res – Nitefox Adele (N Cummins)
Res – Nitefox Adele (Mrs N Cummins)

Puppy – Bitch
Entries: 5 Absentees: 0
1st – Ragatam Essence (Miss T Peacock) Very close decision between 1 and 2 today. 11 month old very attractive grizzle bitch. Lovely outline and narrow all through. Super head with flat skull and short muzzle, with good reach of neck to well angulated front. Good coat with thick pelt, level topline which she held on the move. Moved well to win the class, and then in the challenge to win BPB. Pleased to award her BPIS.
2nd – Howthwaite Gay Dusky ( Mr R & Mrs L Barrett) Lovely blue and tan bitch, 9 months old. Good head and teeth, nice reach of neck. Well laid on shoulders to straight forelegs, just right for bone. Neat underline, with good length of rib onto well angulated rear with strong loin. Nice size being easily spanned. Slightly excitable on the move today, which cost her first place.
3rd – Otterbobs Georgia Blue ( Mr J & Mrs H Gilpin)
Res – Valicetarn Velvet ( Mrs V Mason)
VHC – Foxwater House of Jazz (J Spence)

Junior – Bitch
Entries: 11 Absentees: 2
1st – Irton Sovay ( Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) Very typy red grizzle bitch, good head with real varminty expression. Short muzzle with good teeth. Good length of neck and straight front with small neat feet. Abundance of thick coat and super pelt, with nice length of rib. Good angulation all round. Moved with drive and enthusiasm. Easy to span and really well balanced, was pleased to award her RBB.
2nd- Picer Martha Logen Another close decision between these two! Excellent head with nice dark eye, short strong muzzle and good sized teeth. Good angulation front and rear and nice thick padded feet. Super coat which made her look quite heavy but on inspection this was not so. Good pelt. Held her topline well, and had a super thick carroty tail. Just preferred balance of 1 today.
3rd – Karison Koprosma At Staynorwood (Mr & Mrs G & C Richardson)
Res- Smalesmouth Cadence (Mrs J Roberts) VHC – Otterpaws Lyin’ Eyes ( Miss A Dixon)

Maiden – Bitch
Entries: 3 Absentees: 1
1st – Foxwater Miss Adventure (Miss A.E. Pitt))Unplaced in a strong junior class and stood alone in this one, this bitch was of a nice size, and had a very good coat and pelt. Good head and pleasing expression with nice ears. Very good neat feet. Slightly out at the elbows meant that she moved better behind than in front, but nice profile and lots of good qualities on show.

Novice – Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 2
1st – Smalesmouth Cadence (Mrs J Roberts) Reserve in junior bitch. Elegant rangy bitch, good head and expression, nice reach of neck, straight front, but a little low on front pasterns. Easily spanned being narrow all through. Lovely rib and rear angulation. Moved very well but not a lot of topcoat today which cost her higher placings.
2nd – Foxwater Miss Adventure (Miss A E Pitt) – please see Maiden bitch critique

Post Graduate – Bitch
Entries: 14 Absentees: 2
1st – Totherend Blue Jean Topsy (Mr RG & Mrs EA Wright) Blue and tan bitch, in very good coat and pelt. Very good angulation front and rear, forelegs straight with good bone onto neat feet. Good length of rib into short strong loin. Not overdone and moved well to take the class.
2nd – Bordurrock Tarot Woman (Mr DR & Mrs EJ Gillies) Grizzle and tan bitch with very good head, short strong muzzle and good teeth. Nice reach of neck, good front angulation and good length of rib. Another good coat and pelt from this kennel. Had a slight slope to croup but moved well with drive.3rd – Normbar Estee Lauder (Mrs N Ellis)
Res – Ragatam Chit Chat (Miss T Peacock)
VHC – Thornheswin That’s My Girl (Mr J C Dixon)

Limit – Bitch
Entries: 10 Absentees: 6
1st- Merumhor Blue Jasmine ( Mr &Mrs CJ Martin) Blue and tan bitch of lovely size. Good head and nice earset. Nice length of neck. Good thick pelt and harsh coat. Strong topline with great length of rib and correct underline – not cut up at all. Moved well on small neat feet.
2nd – Thornheswin Old Magic (Mr JC Dixon) Super head and eye, quite varminty. Good dentition. Nice length of neck and straight forelegs. Moved well. In good coat but pelt and length of rib not as good as 1.
3rd – Foxcraig Magic Diamond (Mrs J Dixon)
Res – Otterpaws Firebird ShCM (Miss Dixon)

Open – Bitch
Entries: 8 Absentees: 3
1st – Howthwaite Gold Dust (Mr RJ & Mrs EA Barrett) Quality blue and tan bitch very well constructed. Nice eye and good teeth. Best front assembly of the day with plenty of forechest giving great layback of shoulder. Straight forelegs onto small feet. Very good length to ribs and narrow all through. Good underline to strong loin, well-muscled hindquarters and well let down hocks. Super coat and thick pelt, moved very well around the ring with drive and animation. Very pleased to give her Best Bitch and Best in Show.
2nd – Karison Krumble ( Miss K Johnson) Very attractive dark grizzle bitch, another lovely front with straight forelegs and neat well-padded feet. Good head with short strong muzzle. Easily spanned, she was in good fit condition. Good topline and tailset and moved with drive. A very happy lively showgirl as most dogs from this kennel. Coat and pelt in good order. Just preferred balance of 1 today.
3rd – Caznray Just A Mystery From Thornheswin (Mr JC Dixon)
Res – Ch Smalesmouth Skylark (Mrs J Roberts)
VHC – Fieldsearch Forward Cry (Mr A Harker)

Special Beginners – Dog or Bitch
Entries: 4 Absentees: 1
1st – Thorneyburn Tittle Tattle (K Richardson) 1 year old blue and tan bitch built on the right lines. Good head – ears flying slightly today. Straight forelegs onto neat feet. Narrow throughout. Would benefit from more tidying. Moved well to take this class.
2nd – Fieldsearch Forward Cry ( Mr A Harker) VHC in Open class – grizzle bitch with decent head – eye of lighter shade. Decent coat on a super pelt. Good feet. Slightly low croup and tailset. Didn’t move as well as 1.
3rd – Nitefox Adele (Mrs N Cummins)

Veteran – Dog or Bitch
Entries: 9 Absentees: 0
1st – Irton Morse Code (Mr D & Mrs A Fryer) 8 and a half year old eye catching fit red grizzle dog. Super head and varminty expression. Short strong muzzle. Straight forelegs and good angulation all around. Built on larger frame but spannable. Very good pelt and just enough topcoat through today to secure top spot. Looks active and game – good sound mover if a little wide in front. Best Veteran.
2nd – Carrickfarm Mika ShCM (Mrs M Armstrong) 10 and a half year old light grizzle bitch. Good flat skull, little stop and strong muzzle. Lovely white strong teeth as all are from this kennel. Lovely angulation, good length of rib and supple pelt with thick jacket. Slightly reluctant on the move which cost her top spot today.
3rd – Grettacs The Wizard ( Mr B & Mrs LP Inness)
Res – Wings of Speed At Otterpaws (Miss A Dixon)
VHC – Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Raleniro ( Mr MJ & Mrs D A Lorraine)