Judging the Breed

Information for Judges regarding the Kennel Club Judges Competency Framework 

25.01.2018Grandfathering during JCF transition (1)

BEC information for C and B list judges February 2019

BEC information for A3 judges February 2019

For all aspiring judges, download the attached questionnaire, fill it in and send to the secretary by the end of September.

BTC_Judges_Questionnaire_Current_version (PDF)

BTC_Judges_Questionnaire_Current_version (Word Version)

The judges’ lists are updated yearly and run from 1st January to the 31st of December The judges’ sub-panel meeting will be held in October and then the prepared lists have to go for KC approval. The lists are then released and printed in the Northern Border Newsletter and on the website. Please click the below to download the current list

The Northern Border Terrier Club Judging List for 2018 is available from The Secretary Mrs Christine Horner. Email details are as follows;